favorite color

leopard print is a color...right?
leopard favorite color things
1. leopard print towel..love the warm colors || 2. the perfect bag to dig around for all of your prized possessions || 3. stylish & machine washable beauties... these flats are what dreams are made of - don't forget to get a 1/2 size up! || 4. corkcicle keeping your beverage chilled and polished || 5. the pop socket of my dreams || 6. every girl needs a hard suitcase..bonus points because it is leopard inspired || 7. pink & orange scarf goals || 8. our girl becca tilly killin the game with her bar iii collection including great leopard print with inclusive sizing || 9. i only wear tortoise shell glasses, thats a thing right? they match with everything! black and brown and everything in between