Bracken loves Ariel

3 years and a couple months into our relationship, Bracken David Cox asked me to marry him. In the most spectacular of ways the love of my life got down on one knee and showed me all the qualities he loves about me and our relationship.

Here’s the story:

I was stressing… I made a quick move to Florida and left my Texas love believing that we would be together again. The Lord taught me a lot during this time. He taught me to trust him and sometimes you can’t think too much about big decisions. I packed my life and moved 1,200 miles away. Bracken was encouraging and heartbroken about my move.  However, he is such a supporter of my dreams and never squanders my crazy ideas that sometimes turn into realities.

Fast forward 4 months of long distance relationship and I went to visit. I flew into Waco, Texas and sobbed the whole way to his house with pure joy. Tears flowing because I was so excited to see him. Our 3 year anniversary date was to go to our favorite date place, the Hippodrome and watch a movie- of course I watched the trailers of the movies the day before and didn’t want to see either. He was quick on his feet and said we would just stop into the Hippodrome to get a drink before dinner and watch the Baylor game. We casually watched our favorite show, Criminal Minds beforehand and kept saying “we will go after this next one” and then watch another. This was the part that threw me off… It did not seem like we had a certain time to be there, good job Bracken!



We got dressed up, I threw on a pair of wedges just for fun and we headed out to Downtown Waco. We parked far away so we could walk.. As we arrived at the front Bracken said he would be right back as he was going to check to see if anything was happening on the patio.

I casually sat down on the old theater seats and unbeknownst to me, one of my best friends, Kelsi, came out of the door. She said she was going to be out of town, I thought “OMG I guess she hasn’t left yet!”..

Then she handed me the note. And Bracken’s friend came out playing the guitar.

It is happening.

Bracken wrote me telling me how much he loved me and to cherish this moment. That he knows how much I love handwritten letters and that he will get a lot of practice. That each word that is about to come out is what he loves about me and our relationship.


One by one I was surrounded by friends and family-

Spontaneous. Corinne & Carla. Walked out by my two best friends and “all through my 4 years of college” roommates, we have many spontaneous moments. They lied to me SO WELL. Corinne, seriously? It was impressive.

Elegant. Jodi & Michael. Walked out by a couple we love doing life with! We love to go to the Hippodrome or out on the town and spend time together laughing and living the good life.


Determined. Holly. Walked out by my beautiful interior design friend. She has walked through the trenches of the design studio with me and endlessly listens to my life dreams.

Supportive. Joe & Kris. Walked out by Bracken’s best friends and great guys to be around. We love to laugh and spend time together.


Encouraging. Cali & Joseph. JOSEPH FLEW IN FROM FLORIDA AND SURPRISED ME?! I’M STILL SURPRISED. So thankful to have had our siblings a part of our day. Family is so important to us and we love our siblings very much. Bracken will be gaining a brother and I will be gaining a sister.

Best Friend. Kelsi. Walked out by my best friend Kelsi who is my non-profit business partner, interior design classmate and (5th year) roommate. Deep friendship is very important.


?. Bracken. Bracken walked out with a question mark. I was so full with emotions, smiling more than I knew was possible.


He then got down on one knee. He poured his heart out, many of which I forget- but some I will always remember. He cried tears of overwhelming love. He proposed with my grandma’s ring and kissed me for the first time as his fiance. After he placed the ring on my finger everyone turned their signs around “SHE SAID YES”. Bracken’s said “mine”, I will be yours forever. 


Thank you everyone present and there in spirit. It was such a special day!!

After the excitement we went to Bracken’s grandma’s house for a surprise engagement party with his family and our friends. It was such a wonderful evening and I cannot find a single picture…they’re somewhere out there.

Photography: Elise King

Calligraphy: Alex Middlebrook